Engaged + In Love {Finalists}

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who entered the contest, I appreciate the time and effort you all put into your submissions.

Now to the finalists! The finalists are………………. Maria + Michael and Kavita + Bill. Congrats to both couples!

Their stories and pics are posted below. Remember to visit my Facebook Page  and “like” the couples post that you would like to win. The couple with the most “likes” win a free e-session and a $500 print credit. Voting ends on Sunday July 1st at 5pm.


Maria + Michael

How we met:

Michael and I are high school sweethearts. It was our first day of cross country practice and I was running with one of my friends, when I saw him for the first time, well not really him but his back. I made a comment to my friend about him having very muscular legs, this led to her saying in disgust “Ewww Mike! Are you serious”. I had never met
Michael so I disregarded her comment. At the end of our run I caught a glimpse of him going into the change room and yelled out “You have really nice legs” and went into the girls change room before he caught sight of me, or at least I thought he wouldn’t have. A few weeks later I was having lunch with my cross country friend who introduced me to her friends from her english class. When I finally got to Michael I said “Hi my names Maria” he responded with “Hi I’m the guy with really nice legs”. I don’t think I had ever been so embarrassed but that is the story of how we met. We slowly became inseparable and now 8 years later we are happily engaged and can’t wait for the big day.

Why we want to win:

I would love to win this contest because I would love to have professional pictures taken of us in the apple orchard where we got engaged. It was such a special day and to be able to reenact and have pictures at such a pretty place that is special to us would be fantastic.


Kavita + Bill

How we met:

Bill and I first met in early 2000, I was working as a cashier at a grocery store and Bill was a customer in my checkout. I remembered looking up at his gorgeous blue eyes and feeling an instant connection.  Bill, however, commented about my name being weird before he left.

A few months passed and once again, Bill was in the lineup at my checkout. I had an urge to speak to him so I reminded him about his comment about my name. Bill seems surprised that I remembered his comment; he had forgotten about it however he apologized for calling my name weird.

A few months later July 2000, Bill once again entered my checkout lane and this time I noticed he was staring at me. I thought well he is either going to be nice or rude, customers can be unpredictable sometimes. After tendering his order, Bill invited me out for dinner and a movie, and gave me his number. I did not call him that week but I kept thinking about him and said to myself, if it’s meant to be he will come back. That following Saturday I kept my eyes open for him as I worked, however I did not see him. Just as I was about to give up I heard his voice behind me, he said, “am I not good enough for you to call?” I just recalled how real he seemed to me when we spoke during my lunch break that day and I definitely wanted to get to know him better!

We have been together now for almost 12 years. We were engaged on our 10 year anniversary, and are planning to get married in 2013!


Why we want to win:

We were engaged in 2010 in Wawa, ON, which is Bill’s birthplace. We had talks about having engagement pictures done but when we returned to Toronto, life got into the way. Bill has also gone through some personal tragedies this year including the death of his father, uncle and aunt all in one month. These experiences has really made us realize how precious life really is and how it should be celebrated each and every day. We would appreciate the chance to recapture the memories of when we first got engaged… the excitement, the thrill and the love we share.


Sarah + Ravi – Wedding {Miller Lash House}

Sarah & Ravi had a beautiful wedding day planned, highlighted by an outdoor ceremony at The Miller Lash House.

There’s a moment at the ceremony that I’ll never forget. First of all the weather leading up to the ceremony wasn’t very good. The day before was filled with rain and dark skies and Saturday morning looked like we were in store for more of the same. Now comes the moment I’ll never forget. Sarah begins walking down the steps as her father waits for her so he can walk her down the aisle. In an instant the skies clear and the sun is beaming down on Sarah, her dad, family and friends…… It was amazing:)

It was an awesome wedding so I brought along my awesome team to help in capturing these images. Thanks to my wife Poonam and the talented Ben Lee!


Event Planner: Bridal Solutions (Lindsay)
Wedding Gown: Mona Richie Boutique
Florist: The Wedding Decorators
Decor: Vivian Decor and Designs
Hair & Makeup: Lesonne Bridals 
Wedding Cake: Just Temptations


Fine Art Wedding albums

I’m soooo excited! I recently received my new sample albums and I had to let you all know. These albums are going to be part of my fine art collection and once you see them I know you’ll fall in love with them.

The albums are flushmount and are of the highest quality to last generations. The design is simple yet elegant and all albums will be uniquely designed for every couple. Please have a look at the images below, or if you’d like to get you hands on these and have a closer look click the contact link and lets talk.

S t a y   C o n n e c t e d
M a i l i n g   L i s t